A Pink Easter

Hey Loves,

Happy Easter! If you don't celebrate Easter, then have a happy Sunday!

Wearing a pink pussybow top with pink pearl earrings and boyfriend jeans.

It's Okay to Be Soft... sometimes

Fashion is extremely versatile and flexible, however certain themes stand out by making an impact on accessible trends more so than others. With the increasing trend of leather (or vegan leather), baseball caps, and studs (on boots, shirts, pants, etc.), there seems to be a tendency towards toughness. I do think this a subtle tendency, though I appreciate the spring trends that are encouraging floral patterns, lots of whites and pastels, as well as feminine silhouettes-even if they are in the form of suits. I don't think there are anything wrong with tough looks, and I'm not suggesting that they are not feminine-because they can be very much so. I'm just saying that we should take advantage of all the trends that fashion has to offer. In between all of the leather and studs we can try to be soft. Next week, my challenge for myself is softness-inside and out. Below are a couple photos from Eel & Ermine's Spring Lookbook (from Refinery29). I love the soft feminine outfits and the model's hair pushed back.

A Statement from the Manreppeller

Leandra Medine, the manreppeller, is by far-one of my favorite bloggers. She is fun, confident, makes a statement, and is all about dressing to make yourself happy regardless of a man. If you find one who loves you regardless of how you dress, like she has, then it's that much better. Her style is quirky and fun.

This photo of her I particularly like because of the statement on the shirt, which I don't think is untrue. It's not completely true, but it has some truth to it. And again, white tee shirts rock so go buy some, steal some from your brother or boyfriend, make it happen.

To get this look: throw on a couple of statement necklaces over a white tee-shirt, find some wide-leg fiery red pants, and add some funky shades. Refer to the collage below. Happy Saturday loves!

From Day to Night

Hello lovies,

I hope you all had a good day. I'm sure some of you are already out or getting ready to do so. In about five minutes I will be partying. Ya! The Caribbean Cultural Show went great, lots of fun. Here's how I changed my outfit for the performance: I put on a short-sleeve button-up I got a while ago from H&M with my Caribbean island earrings, and of course-switched out my bracelets.

As for going partying I did something a bit different and very casual. When I know I'm going to be dancing and hanging out I try to be casual. So I went with the theme of big earrings and blue by putting on a blue tee-shirt with my favorite circle earrings that I made from two circular tiles I found at a warehouse full of stuff.  Happy Friday, or Saturday for some of you lovelies! Again, I played with the using two different lip-sticks: my very dark and a maroon, both from Mac.

Style Tip of the Week Video! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Loves! Tip of the week-- Wear a  tee shirt; preferably a funky one or one with a graphic, you wouldn’t have worn out the house in middle school. Usually the clothes we think would set us apart and embarrass us in middle school we’d love to wear these days, but we've given all of those away. Maybe, just maybe- per chance, we have a cool-funky or graphic tee shirt from middle school, high school, or college that we wouldn’t normally wear. Wear that one! Vintage tee shirts are are always trendy, so instead of buying one-why not just wear one of your own "vintage" tee shirts. Pair it with some dark skinnies and boots, maybe a cool hat or scarf. Fashion is about taking risks with our style and usually when we do this-we like it.

Today I'm wearing a tee shirt I got for my brother when I was in China 11 years ago. He never wore it. Maybe because Mao is on it, I don't mind politically riske graphics. So I took it and now I'm wearing it. 

I'm wearing this tee shirt with a vegan leather skirt I got from BiB & Tuck (a fashion community I'm apart of), Nine West boots, and a collard shirt from old navy underneath. Since it's a lovely sunny day I'm also wearing green & orange Oakley sunnies.

On campus today there's a lot going on so I will be going from my day look to a night look later this evening when I'm performing, poetry, at the Caribbean Student's Cultural Show; after which some friends are having a joint birthday party. The skirt and tights will not change, but other parts of the outfit will so look out for another post later this evening with how to transform this look from day to night.

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Has Spring Sprung?

Today was a nice day, even though I was feeling a bit under the weather. It was sunny and light-raining at the same time, which reminded me of Ireland. It hasn't been so cold and rain, rather than snow, is always a good sign. I think spring might have sprung. Today I'm wearing gap boyfriend jeans, a button-up from the men's section of H&M (I think-it's old), a Zara vest, my grandmother's turqoise and gold brooch, and brown oxfords. That's how I know it's getting warmer-I didn't even wear boots today. What are you wearing this spring?

All Grey Everything

Heather grey is one of my favorite colors. My sophomore year of college I bought boots and clothes mostly in heather grey. I'm still into it. These are two ways to rock a casual all (heather grey) look, but not look gloomy. Here's how to rock all grey, all casual:

^^[photo from alltheprettybirds]

Below: from instagram a while ago... my all-grey look with a bow

Something's Not Quite White

This morning I had a burst of energy that, I hope, will last throughout the day. I volunteer at a maximum security men's prison on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:30-11:30am, so it is quite an early and long morning requiring alertness. Anyway, afterwards I felt very active and productive--so between going to work, doing work, and going to class I think I'll have quite a successful day.

Today I felt like being simple and minimal, which does not happen often, so I went with it. These are a pair of my favorite pants. They are linen, cropped, and really comfortable. I love them. I got them from H&M a few seasons ago. I'm wearing an ivory colored flannel, which was my father's-and scarf from the men's section of River Island. Oh, and boots-of course. Like I said in this post, it's always important to get dressed everyday based on how you are feeling. I really believe that. I feel better today just by wearing what I feel like wearing, and being comfortable. 

Below is how to do something similar to this outfit:

Why Eating Healthy is Fashionable

[For Iris]

Often I take eating "healthy" for granted, because I don't see it as "eating healthy," I see it as eating food that is good, makes my plate look good, and makes my body feel good. I often bring oranges or strawberries to work or class. I put spinach, feta, and onions in almost everything I cook. And green beans have to be one of my favorite foods. To me anything that looks great and makes me feel great seems like fashion. Something that looks good, makes you feel good, and makes whatever it is apart of look beautiful and bold is fashion. Fruits and vegetables do this. Eating healthy is fashionable. Here's why-

Bold & Bright Colors are Healthy and Look Good

Whether it's a reoccuring spring trend or a general love of bold colors, we are drawn to them. Bright reds, forest greens, and yellows look great on most skin types and make us feel happy. Bold and bright colors are vibrant and full of life, probably because they are colors of things we love in nature as well: green trees, flowers, the blue sky. 

This rule applies to foods too; especially fruits and vegetables. Generally, the deeper and brighter the color the more nutrients it has. Yellow squash, tomato, eggplant, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, oranges, pomegranates, are just a few of the many fruits and vegetables that are bold, bright, and healthy. They are full of nutrients, low in calories, and look beautiful cut up and placed on a plate or in a bowl. 

Instead of solely filling our lives, whether it's our closets or plates, with only beige's and off whites, starches and carbs, let's supplement and compliment our closets and plates with bold and bright colors. Bold and bright is always in style, and when you eat healthy-you feel and look happy. 

Eating Good is Feeling good is Looking Good 

When you eat these colorful fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients like fiber and vitamins you feel good on the inside, which translates to the outside. Studies show that people who eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water-which matches with everything because it is clear, have visibly clearer skin, whiter & stronger teeth, shinier & healthier hair, and longer-stronger nails. Skin, hair, teeth, and nails are the focal point of  the beauty industry. 

Instead of spending time trying to find the best three teeth whiteners or using three different shampoos and conditioners, and using three different face washes, focus on eating food that is good for you and your body; inside and out.

Usually when an outfit looks the best it is because the person wearing it feels good on the inside and it reflects outwardly. Even when people are wearing a simple outfit, if they feel good, it's reflected in how they carry themselves in the outfit and we, the viewers respond positively. As an outfit enhancer, a health enhancer, and a beauty enhancer we need fruits and veggies. 

Oh Instagram

In an age where our whole lives can be, and usually are, displayed on the internet, lifestyle is becoming increasingly important to the photograph culture. Between pinterest, facebook, and instagram what we do, what we wear, how we're doing it, and what we're eating have become emblems of a fashionable lifestyle. One of my friends said that instragram is basically an application to show off what we're eating, how good it is, and really how good it looks. There are instagram accounts specifically dedicated to photographing good food. People who are not photographs put up copious amounts of pictures of good food they're eating. 

The better the food looks, the more worthy it is of an instragram photo and/or a facebook photo. Generally the food that looks most delectable is food that is colorful: bold and bright;  and food that is proportional, meaning it is not a plate weighed down by pounds of food-rather it is a colorful plate that is enhanced by the food. The plate becomes the blank palette for the food, which is the masterpiece. Better pictures usually have better colors and ascetics, foods that are colorful and rich in nutrients provide this color and aesthetic with the added benefit of being healthy, making you feel and look good, and making great photos. 

<<photo here

Lastly, if it's not clear already most fruits and vegetables that are healthy, make you feel and look good, also taste good, which is great. If you don't like a fruit or vegetable look up a new recipe on how to cook it. For example, I didn't like Brussels sprouts until my friend's boyfriend (who's a chef) caramelized them in a pan with olive oil, then added them to a mixed greens salad with lemon juice and blue cheese. Now I really like them. 

Many people are not taught how to make vegetables taste good or cook them creatively. Find new recipes to remedy that. We also believe that fruits cannot fill us up, that is also a myth. Make a fruit salad with all the fruits you love, that are in season, and see if you are not full after eating a big bowl of it. The beliefs we have shape how we eat. Once we change how our beliefs about fruits and vegetables, mostly based on myths, we will eat them more. I know this from experience because I used to not like vegetables, and still only eat a select several. 

Eating healthy is fashionable because fashion is as much a lifestyle as much as it is clothes, trends, designers, and models. If you want to live a healthy, fashionable lifestyle-eat healthy. There's no better way to be fashionable, feel good, and look good inside and out.

It Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White... because it's both

Black and White are classic colors, or rather-one is the absence of color and the other is all colors mixed together (I think). Together, they make even a simple outfit classic. 

On the runway, celebrities, and street style alike are embracing the black and white outfits that are trending this spring. 

Whether it's a black and white dress or a white top with black bottoms, black and white is definitely a go!

While most of the women's outfits include heels, the lady pictured in the top left is killing it with her leather leggins and flat oxfords.

Today, I too, decided to wear a simple black and white outfit. My hat and vest are military green, just to add something different. 

I'm wearing leather leggins, a white tee shirt, a military vest and blazer from shoxie, and this dark green hat I picked up from a thrift store a few years ago.

It's hard for me to wear only black and white without adding some touch of color, hence the green detail from the vest and the hat. 

It seems like when wearing black and white you must wear black sunnies, I decided to wear my aviators instead.

Below: Me in Black and White and motion... 



Canadian Tuxedo anyone? I said I've been into the suit and the all-one-color look-I really am. Today I felt like wearing all denim. The classic Canadian tuxedo. Today I had to go to work and class, nothing special or fancy, so I wore a  basic denim on denim look. With boots of course. Some people are not sure how they feel about denim on denim, but it's all over the 2013 runway looks and I think everyone should try it once before they decide they don't like it.

P.S. All my Wesleyan loves, you cannot subscribe with your Wesleyan e-mail. You have to use a different e-mail address. 

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How To: Tie it around your waist!

Remember when we were kids running around the playground so much that it got hot and our parents told us to tie our sweaters or long-sleeve shirts around our waist instead of pulling it off and throwing it on the ground? Yeah, that's back-and it's chic. 

Usually it happens with a plaid shirt, but I think you can do it with any color and any type of long sleeve outerwear. Celebs notorious for this are Kanye and Rihanna. One of my favorite bloggers, Leandra, from manreppeller does this so flawlessly. It's caught on and I'm basically into any rebirth style, especially the ones from the 90's, because they are casual and fun. Try it out!

Tie a denim or plaid shirt around your waist over a dress or a pair of leather leggings. Keep your top simple so your outfit doesn't look too crowded. Any footwear will 
do, the shirt tied around the waist is what really makes the 
outfit. It is an effortless and cool look that many people love.

How to get dressed everyday! (But, actually)

I believe there are three things to think about before getting dressed everyday. These are three seemingly different things, but each should be considered separately and then together to decide on an outfit. And, if you don't feel like making much effort to choose an outfit then just chose one of the three things below and only worry about that one. Depending on your occupation and/or where you live (or spend most of your time )one or two of these may be more or less significant. The list is in no particular order besides what I thought of first, which eludes to my main concern:

1) The Weather: whether (not pun intended) you live in Paris, Connecticut, or Seattle it is important to know the weather. If you live in the Caribbean or certain parts of Latin America it's almost always warm so all you really have to worry about is whether it will rain or not. Regardless, the weather-especially for those of us who walk or bike everywhere-is extremely important. If you have to run a lot of errands, increasing your time outside, then weather is going to be a big factor. I advise looking up the hourly weather report the day before then choosing a preliminary outfit. When you wake up you can check the weather again to decide if you need to make adjustments or not to the outfit.

2) Your Schedule/The Occasion: this is the second most important for me because while I'm a student I do a lot of different things and usually don't have time to change during the day. This means that when I leave the house in the morning I have to think about all the things I have to do during the day. If I have class, a lunch meeting and a Skype conference call I'll probably want to be casual, but incorporate a blazer or blazer vest to look more professional on the top half. Since during a lunch meeting and a Skype call the top half of my body is showing/being presented, that matters most. If I just have to run errands and go to class then I won't worry so much about how casual I am. If I have a formal dinner later on, maybe I'll bring some nice trousers and heels to change into. Think of your whole day's activities while getting dressed.

3) What You Feel Like: I think this one is equally, if not-more, important than the first two. I truly believe that if we don't wear what we feel like wearing then we'll be uncomfortable the whole day and visibly look uncomfortable. If our main concern is warmth then we should be warm or else our mood will be off. If you feel like wearing blue, then you should wear blue. If you feel like wearing a skirt then wear a skirt. When you wear what you feel like wearing your mood is better and you are happier. Sometimes we feel like wearing something that conflicts with the first two (weather or occasion), that's when we have to get creative. My freshman and sophomore year of college I didn't want to wear pants. Only skirts and shorts. Instead of being uncomfortable in jeans I wore skirts/shorts with tights all year. In the fall I wore sheer tights and in the winter I wore opaque tights with leg-warmers and boots. If you can't figure out how to style something you feel like wearing (because of the weather or an occasion) just ask me and I'll be happy to give you tips. Also, you can always google it. 

  Above are the three things I think about and you should think about before getting dressed everyday. Maybe in the summer weather matters less and it's more about the occasion. Regardless use these three things as a framework to choose outfits daily. And of course, don't forget about comfort.

Travel in an efficient Fashion

Today I'm heading back to Connecticut for my last two months of university, I'm excited and anxious to graduate. I know these last couple of months will go slowly and quickly at the same time. Since I travel a lot it is very important that I travel efficiently. My golden rules: travel lightly and comfortably. The former is a bit more difficult than the latter-but I always manage. Today I'm traveling in a tee-shirt and one of my most comfortable pair of jeans that I've had since I was 16. I have my laptop and a journal to pass the time at the airport and if I cannot sleep on the plane. (Oh, and don't forget snacks ;) See you lovelies on the other side for one last ride on the East Coast.

Solange in Fashion

I think Solange Knowles has definitely become a fashion icon. She loves bold colors, print mixing, and suits, and I think she looks great whether she is formal or casual. Although some people have been calling her a hipster, I don't think we need to define her style according to any persona. I don't really think Solange should be a singer, but this video is fun and very fashionable. I appreciate that it showcases African, probably South African, fashion as a lifestyle. Check it out:

Three Ways: One Shirt

I'm all about recycling what's in our closet, especially when we can't find anything to wear. This allows us to be creative, as well as not have to worry about the stress around going shopping. Shopping stresses me out and I don't think I'm unique in that feeling. What happens when we have a busy week and can't spend a lot of time choosing outfits? Wear the same shirt three times in the week. I know, that sounds crazy! Plus we all have this subconscious, or conscious, fear of being seen in the same outfit more than once. How do we overcome this? Wear the same shirt in three different ways so that it is not an outfit repeat, even if we are wearing the same shirt three times. Here's how:

1) Wear it like you would normally wear it. It's a basic shirt: wear it with a pair of dark denim skinnies and slip-ons. These green & nude slip-ons contrast the navy & white striped shirt well. A moto jacket and nude bag to add a chic touch. Don't forget your neon sunnies.

2) Layer it. The best way to make use of clothes over and over again is to layer them. Wear this navy & white shirt over the plaid button-up with the vest on top as optional outwear. This topshop blue mini skirt gives this out fit a feminine touch despite its tomboy nature. Let your feet sparkle in these glittery oxfords from target.

3) Tie it around your waist. Don't wear this shirt as a shirt at all. Tie it around your waist with these cute flowery trousers on the bottom and this yellow sweatshirt on the top. Not only does this outfit mix prints, it also incorporates a bold color. Keep the accessories simple with a silver wishbone necklace.

Lipstick: Day or Night

I generally do not wear any make up, but when I do it is on formal occasions. When I wear make up it is mostly just a blue or black eyeliner with a blue or black mascara and a lipstick. I've gotten into lipsticks in the last year and now I love them. I still don't wear lipstick during the day, but I may try it in the summer. Never say never until you try it.  I'd like to collect more colors, but the five colors I have now work very well for me.

With lipstick you have to take risks to find colors that are bold and at the same time suit you. While some colors only work for formal occasions, others may go from day to night. I think every lady should have a color that contrasts very strongly with her skin, like a hot pink or red.

Every lady should try a red lip at least once-even if it doesn't look great. Every lady should have a neutral or skin-tone color that they can wear in the day or night. Skin-tone lipsticks give your lips some character, but not so much so that it overpowers the rest of your face. Every lady should have a dark color that makes them look elegant and fierce.

Another fun lipstick trick I just discovered, pictured in the top left, is two lipstick colors at once. A darker color on the top and a lighter color on the bottom-or vice-versa. This works best when there is a slight difference in the two colors, or you can mix some colors to get the effect you want. The only draw back to this trick is not being able to rub your lips together to smooth out the lipstick.  Questions about lipstick, ask me?
[top left: darker color on the top lip, red on the bottom lip; top right: dark purple color from Mac called Cyber; bottom left: neutral/skin-tone color; bottom right: red lip from Mac)

Style Tip of the Week Video

Wear all one color. Like I’ve said, I’ll say it again, the suit and suit-look is back. Like women in the 80's, we're into bold colors and tops that match bottoms. A jacket that matches pants or a shirt that is the same color or similar shade to the pants. It is a great fun trend. Try matching your top, whether it’s a sweater, blouse, or jacket with your pants-creating a DIY suit look. Whether it’s the casual Canadian tuxedo or something else try it. Choose a color, and wear it on the top and on the bottom with accessories in a different color to compliment the suit look.  Refer to this post: http://idontwearheelseveryday.blogspot.com/2013/03/spring-in-boots.html


5 Things I think Every Lady Needs in Her Closet

A lot of bloggers and fashionistas are asked what they think are closet essentials for every young lady. Many of them say similar things: a denim shirt, a good pair of black pumps. I agree with them, but I do think that this question changes depending on our age, our profession, and our lifestyle. This is my version of five things I think that every woman should have in her closet; especially a young woman who doesn't wear heels everyday.
1) Plain white tee-shirt. This is something bloggers from Manrepeller to Karla's Closet have said, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I wasn't into white tee shirts until this year when I started stealing and wearing my brother's white tees that he'd leave at home. They are super comfortable and somehow subtly stylish. I bought my own and now their perfect to wear when you don't know what to wear. For some reason they just make us look put together and simply chic at the same time.

2) Comfortable cute ankle boots. I love boots, especially ankle boots. Most of my shoes are either boots, if not they're oxfords. I really like low-heel brown ankle boots- in a variety of styles. For a lady who doesn't wear heels everyday, a cute ankle boot (or bootie) with a max of a 3-inch heel that's comfortable to walk in, is both functional and gives a little height to us shorties.

3) Oversized sweater. I think every gal should have an oversized sweater she really loves that she can wear when she's not feeling too hott and wants to be comfortable, warm, and cute. Oversized sweaters are good under a wool coat for winter, and over a tee-shirt or button-up in the fall. For those transitioning seasons you can even wear an over-sized sweater with a skirt or shorts. It's versatile and compliments a slim silhouette on the bottom. If you have one, keep and love it-if not-get one.

4) Black denim skinnies. As you've seen in two of my posts already I really love black denim skinnies. Black, like white, has a way of always producing a classic look-whether it's an all black ensemble or a pair of black denim skinnies with a white tee and ankle boots (see how these previous things are already creating outfits when put together ;). Get a good pair of black denim skinnies and wear them when you want a casual crisp look. 

And last, but definitely  not least.... [drumroll please??]

5) A-line pencil skirt. Every lady needs a pencil skirt, but why specifically a-line? A-line just means that it is cut in a way that is not tighter at the hem line like many pencil skirts. An a-line pencil skirt with a slit can be dressed up or worn casually with a tee shirt and ankle boots or an oversized sweater and oxfords. It's easier to walk in when the bottom of the skirt is not squeezing your knees together. Pencil skirts provide a feminine silhouette, thanks to Christian Dior's first collection in 1947 featuring a "wasp" waist, the hour-glass silhouette. Try a bold color like red or turquoise. One of my favorite skirts is a vintage turquoise a-line pencil skirt I found on a whim while walking to get tea in Oakland, California.

These are my Five Must-Have's. Almost any combination of four or three of these pieces creates an effortless chic, classic outfit. Whether it breeds a vintage-classic feel like the pencil skirt and an oversized sweater would; or a classic-spring look, which the black denim skinnies and white tee would produce, they complement each other and can be worn in a variety of ways. Like I've mentioned before, I think eco-friendly fashion and recycling our closets are key for ladies who are on the go and don't always have the time or money to be constantly shopping. These five must-haves allow us to mix it up while being comfortable at the same time. Let me know if you agree!

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