Lipstick: Day or Night

I generally do not wear any make up, but when I do it is on formal occasions. When I wear make up it is mostly just a blue or black eyeliner with a blue or black mascara and a lipstick. I've gotten into lipsticks in the last year and now I love them. I still don't wear lipstick during the day, but I may try it in the summer. Never say never until you try it.  I'd like to collect more colors, but the five colors I have now work very well for me.

With lipstick you have to take risks to find colors that are bold and at the same time suit you. While some colors only work for formal occasions, others may go from day to night. I think every lady should have a color that contrasts very strongly with her skin, like a hot pink or red.

Every lady should try a red lip at least once-even if it doesn't look great. Every lady should have a neutral or skin-tone color that they can wear in the day or night. Skin-tone lipsticks give your lips some character, but not so much so that it overpowers the rest of your face. Every lady should have a dark color that makes them look elegant and fierce.

Another fun lipstick trick I just discovered, pictured in the top left, is two lipstick colors at once. A darker color on the top and a lighter color on the bottom-or vice-versa. This works best when there is a slight difference in the two colors, or you can mix some colors to get the effect you want. The only draw back to this trick is not being able to rub your lips together to smooth out the lipstick.  Questions about lipstick, ask me?
[top left: darker color on the top lip, red on the bottom lip; top right: dark purple color from Mac called Cyber; bottom left: neutral/skin-tone color; bottom right: red lip from Mac)

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