How To: Tie it around your waist!

Remember when we were kids running around the playground so much that it got hot and our parents told us to tie our sweaters or long-sleeve shirts around our waist instead of pulling it off and throwing it on the ground? Yeah, that's back-and it's chic. 

Usually it happens with a plaid shirt, but I think you can do it with any color and any type of long sleeve outerwear. Celebs notorious for this are Kanye and Rihanna. One of my favorite bloggers, Leandra, from manreppeller does this so flawlessly. It's caught on and I'm basically into any rebirth style, especially the ones from the 90's, because they are casual and fun. Try it out!

Tie a denim or plaid shirt around your waist over a dress or a pair of leather leggings. Keep your top simple so your outfit doesn't look too crowded. Any footwear will 
do, the shirt tied around the waist is what really makes the 
outfit. It is an effortless and cool look that many people love.

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