Why Eating Healthy is Fashionable

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Often I take eating "healthy" for granted, because I don't see it as "eating healthy," I see it as eating food that is good, makes my plate look good, and makes my body feel good. I often bring oranges or strawberries to work or class. I put spinach, feta, and onions in almost everything I cook. And green beans have to be one of my favorite foods. To me anything that looks great and makes me feel great seems like fashion. Something that looks good, makes you feel good, and makes whatever it is apart of look beautiful and bold is fashion. Fruits and vegetables do this. Eating healthy is fashionable. Here's why-

Bold & Bright Colors are Healthy and Look Good

Whether it's a reoccuring spring trend or a general love of bold colors, we are drawn to them. Bright reds, forest greens, and yellows look great on most skin types and make us feel happy. Bold and bright colors are vibrant and full of life, probably because they are colors of things we love in nature as well: green trees, flowers, the blue sky. 

This rule applies to foods too; especially fruits and vegetables. Generally, the deeper and brighter the color the more nutrients it has. Yellow squash, tomato, eggplant, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, oranges, pomegranates, are just a few of the many fruits and vegetables that are bold, bright, and healthy. They are full of nutrients, low in calories, and look beautiful cut up and placed on a plate or in a bowl. 

Instead of solely filling our lives, whether it's our closets or plates, with only beige's and off whites, starches and carbs, let's supplement and compliment our closets and plates with bold and bright colors. Bold and bright is always in style, and when you eat healthy-you feel and look happy. 

Eating Good is Feeling good is Looking Good 

When you eat these colorful fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients like fiber and vitamins you feel good on the inside, which translates to the outside. Studies show that people who eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water-which matches with everything because it is clear, have visibly clearer skin, whiter & stronger teeth, shinier & healthier hair, and longer-stronger nails. Skin, hair, teeth, and nails are the focal point of  the beauty industry. 

Instead of spending time trying to find the best three teeth whiteners or using three different shampoos and conditioners, and using three different face washes, focus on eating food that is good for you and your body; inside and out.

Usually when an outfit looks the best it is because the person wearing it feels good on the inside and it reflects outwardly. Even when people are wearing a simple outfit, if they feel good, it's reflected in how they carry themselves in the outfit and we, the viewers respond positively. As an outfit enhancer, a health enhancer, and a beauty enhancer we need fruits and veggies. 

Oh Instagram

In an age where our whole lives can be, and usually are, displayed on the internet, lifestyle is becoming increasingly important to the photograph culture. Between pinterest, facebook, and instagram what we do, what we wear, how we're doing it, and what we're eating have become emblems of a fashionable lifestyle. One of my friends said that instragram is basically an application to show off what we're eating, how good it is, and really how good it looks. There are instagram accounts specifically dedicated to photographing good food. People who are not photographs put up copious amounts of pictures of good food they're eating. 

The better the food looks, the more worthy it is of an instragram photo and/or a facebook photo. Generally the food that looks most delectable is food that is colorful: bold and bright;  and food that is proportional, meaning it is not a plate weighed down by pounds of food-rather it is a colorful plate that is enhanced by the food. The plate becomes the blank palette for the food, which is the masterpiece. Better pictures usually have better colors and ascetics, foods that are colorful and rich in nutrients provide this color and aesthetic with the added benefit of being healthy, making you feel and look good, and making great photos. 

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Lastly, if it's not clear already most fruits and vegetables that are healthy, make you feel and look good, also taste good, which is great. If you don't like a fruit or vegetable look up a new recipe on how to cook it. For example, I didn't like Brussels sprouts until my friend's boyfriend (who's a chef) caramelized them in a pan with olive oil, then added them to a mixed greens salad with lemon juice and blue cheese. Now I really like them. 

Many people are not taught how to make vegetables taste good or cook them creatively. Find new recipes to remedy that. We also believe that fruits cannot fill us up, that is also a myth. Make a fruit salad with all the fruits you love, that are in season, and see if you are not full after eating a big bowl of it. The beliefs we have shape how we eat. Once we change how our beliefs about fruits and vegetables, mostly based on myths, we will eat them more. I know this from experience because I used to not like vegetables, and still only eat a select several. 

Eating healthy is fashionable because fashion is as much a lifestyle as much as it is clothes, trends, designers, and models. If you want to live a healthy, fashionable lifestyle-eat healthy. There's no better way to be fashionable, feel good, and look good inside and out.

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