How to get dressed everyday! (But, actually)

I believe there are three things to think about before getting dressed everyday. These are three seemingly different things, but each should be considered separately and then together to decide on an outfit. And, if you don't feel like making much effort to choose an outfit then just chose one of the three things below and only worry about that one. Depending on your occupation and/or where you live (or spend most of your time )one or two of these may be more or less significant. The list is in no particular order besides what I thought of first, which eludes to my main concern:

1) The Weather: whether (not pun intended) you live in Paris, Connecticut, or Seattle it is important to know the weather. If you live in the Caribbean or certain parts of Latin America it's almost always warm so all you really have to worry about is whether it will rain or not. Regardless, the weather-especially for those of us who walk or bike everywhere-is extremely important. If you have to run a lot of errands, increasing your time outside, then weather is going to be a big factor. I advise looking up the hourly weather report the day before then choosing a preliminary outfit. When you wake up you can check the weather again to decide if you need to make adjustments or not to the outfit.

2) Your Schedule/The Occasion: this is the second most important for me because while I'm a student I do a lot of different things and usually don't have time to change during the day. This means that when I leave the house in the morning I have to think about all the things I have to do during the day. If I have class, a lunch meeting and a Skype conference call I'll probably want to be casual, but incorporate a blazer or blazer vest to look more professional on the top half. Since during a lunch meeting and a Skype call the top half of my body is showing/being presented, that matters most. If I just have to run errands and go to class then I won't worry so much about how casual I am. If I have a formal dinner later on, maybe I'll bring some nice trousers and heels to change into. Think of your whole day's activities while getting dressed.

3) What You Feel Like: I think this one is equally, if not-more, important than the first two. I truly believe that if we don't wear what we feel like wearing then we'll be uncomfortable the whole day and visibly look uncomfortable. If our main concern is warmth then we should be warm or else our mood will be off. If you feel like wearing blue, then you should wear blue. If you feel like wearing a skirt then wear a skirt. When you wear what you feel like wearing your mood is better and you are happier. Sometimes we feel like wearing something that conflicts with the first two (weather or occasion), that's when we have to get creative. My freshman and sophomore year of college I didn't want to wear pants. Only skirts and shorts. Instead of being uncomfortable in jeans I wore skirts/shorts with tights all year. In the fall I wore sheer tights and in the winter I wore opaque tights with leg-warmers and boots. If you can't figure out how to style something you feel like wearing (because of the weather or an occasion) just ask me and I'll be happy to give you tips. Also, you can always google it. 

  Above are the three things I think about and you should think about before getting dressed everyday. Maybe in the summer weather matters less and it's more about the occasion. Regardless use these three things as a framework to choose outfits daily. And of course, don't forget about comfort.

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