Something's Not Quite White

This morning I had a burst of energy that, I hope, will last throughout the day. I volunteer at a maximum security men's prison on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:30-11:30am, so it is quite an early and long morning requiring alertness. Anyway, afterwards I felt very active and productive--so between going to work, doing work, and going to class I think I'll have quite a successful day.

Today I felt like being simple and minimal, which does not happen often, so I went with it. These are a pair of my favorite pants. They are linen, cropped, and really comfortable. I love them. I got them from H&M a few seasons ago. I'm wearing an ivory colored flannel, which was my father's-and scarf from the men's section of River Island. Oh, and boots-of course. Like I said in this post, it's always important to get dressed everyday based on how you are feeling. I really believe that. I feel better today just by wearing what I feel like wearing, and being comfortable. 

Below is how to do something similar to this outfit:

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