Style Tip of the Week Video! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Loves! Tip of the week-- Wear a  tee shirt; preferably a funky one or one with a graphic, you wouldn’t have worn out the house in middle school. Usually the clothes we think would set us apart and embarrass us in middle school we’d love to wear these days, but we've given all of those away. Maybe, just maybe- per chance, we have a cool-funky or graphic tee shirt from middle school, high school, or college that we wouldn’t normally wear. Wear that one! Vintage tee shirts are are always trendy, so instead of buying one-why not just wear one of your own "vintage" tee shirts. Pair it with some dark skinnies and boots, maybe a cool hat or scarf. Fashion is about taking risks with our style and usually when we do this-we like it.

Today I'm wearing a tee shirt I got for my brother when I was in China 11 years ago. He never wore it. Maybe because Mao is on it, I don't mind politically riske graphics. So I took it and now I'm wearing it. 

I'm wearing this tee shirt with a vegan leather skirt I got from BiB & Tuck (a fashion community I'm apart of), Nine West boots, and a collard shirt from old navy underneath. Since it's a lovely sunny day I'm also wearing green & orange Oakley sunnies.

On campus today there's a lot going on so I will be going from my day look to a night look later this evening when I'm performing, poetry, at the Caribbean Student's Cultural Show; after which some friends are having a joint birthday party. The skirt and tights will not change, but other parts of the outfit will so look out for another post later this evening with how to transform this look from day to night.

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