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White T-shirts are a life-saver. If you don’t know what to wear, get a pack of white t-shirts and wear one with everything. Somehow white T’s always manage to look cool and chic at the same time. I bought a pack of men’s Hanes crew neck t-shirts and they are my savior. I wear them whenever I don’t have time to choose what to wear or can’t be bothered. Usually crew neck white t-shirts look really good on those of us with larger chests and v-necks tend to compliment those with smaller chests, but either way they're great. To make it fun, try a white T with a trend like pastels, stripes, or a shirt tied around your waist. 
Today since it was a nice, semi-warm Spring day, I wore high-waist tweed shorts with a cut off yellow (semi) long-sleeved shirt. I added red sunnies to protect my eyes, and some lovely colors on my nails.  Happy Friday! 

Trendy Spring Things


Overalls are definitely hot this spring. They are a great fun look that can be dressed up with some wedges or dressed down with some sneakers and a baseball cap. Denim, leather, or even silk overalls will do just fine.

Shorts Suit

Solange Knowles is known for these trendy, and usually printed shorts suits. Whether she is a on a pastel print shorts and blazer with a printed button up or a patterned shorts and blazer with a printed button-up she is always stylish in a suit. This Spring and Summer the shorts suit is in and it's hot.

Try these two fun and hip trends as Spring stays and Summer comes. Happy Thursday!

Tied Up, Button-Up, Doillied-Up



Today I stayed with the theme of the staple button-up shirts that I posted about early, and decided to wear a button-up with a tie. Since I am supposed to look professional when I go into the prison, I added a tie to offset the casualness of the jeans I wore. I will wear this outfit all day since it is a busy day and it's not necessary to change. The jeans enable the outfit to be versatile.

I also wore doily socks. You know... those socks with the ruffles that we used to wear when we dressed up for church. I love those socks, they're fun. Since socks with footwear is back in style I decided to add some doily socks for some fun and a feminine touch since my outfit was quite masculine. [I also wore boyfriend jeans not pictured] Happy Tuesday!

Why a Button-Up is All You'll Ever need

I realized that I wear button-up shirts a lot, both mens and womens. I really like button-ups and I think they are a perfect way to add class to an outfit while at the same time can be casual. They look good with or without heels and usually can be worn in a variety of ways: underneath a sweater or shirt (here and here), with a vest (here), or just by itself. I think it's a good staple piece to have because it can be worn in all seasons and is a really good layer. It doesn't matter if it's denim, cotton, or silk. Button-ups can be dressed up or dressed down and even worn in different ways: tied at the front, with rolled up sleeves, button all the way, open, around the waist, etc. Below is a great visual of the versatility and necessity of the button-up. [photo from here]
If you're not already convinced just google women in button-ups and you will be pleased with the many ways and how often button-ups are worn and praised.

African Print on a Monday

It's Monday, again... Happy Monday loves! It's a nice, brisk, sunny day here in Connecticut with a little more than a month left before I move back to California. In the meantime I'm enjoying the East Coast Spring and spending time in the sun with my friends as the academic year comes to a close. 

African print and African clothes have been used in fashion and clothing in West Africa for years, and in the last couple years has become very popular in the U.S. Usually they call styles that are in a traditional print or fabric from (West) Africa or South America are called "tribal" prints. The term "tribal" or "tribe" is problematic and often times incites inaccurate and derogatory images of places in the Third World.

My Ivorian godmother made this shirt for me. I have a few pieces made from African print by various friends of the family who are West African. Thus, when wearing African print became trendy, the pieces I had made for me also became trendy. Another reason why you should always keep statement pieces, they usually always come back into style.

Since it was a little chilly I wore this faux fur vest and a blue scarf to keep me warm while outside. Of course I'm wearing red sunnies and bracelets.

This past weekend one of my best friends, who graduated last year, came down to spend the weekend. So Saturday her, our other friend, and I went to brunch, got our nails done, then went to the festival outside on the hill at our school. It was lots of fun, nice girls time. Below is a picture of my nails. I never get less than two or three colors. I love colors, and bright ones at that. 

Have a great Monday!

Bringing Back Sexy Backs

Today I am with my two best lady friends. It seems like forever since we've seen one another so, of course, we're in heaven and having a blast. I referred to them in this post. Today it's sunny with a breeze so I'm wearing my light denim wash skinnies and Nine West boots. I've topped it off with this skull tunic from Shoxie, which has open back detail that is a little bit sexy and breezy as summer rolls around. Have a great Saturday! Might check back for a post tonight.

Style Tip of the Week Video

Sharing with Friends is Fun! When I was living in Ireland for a year I was only able to bring two suitcases with me so naturally I didn’t feel like I had enough clothes and really had to get creative to make outfits. What really helped me survive is sharing what I had with my roommates and them sharing their closets with me. None of us were the same size, but somehow we all wore each other’s clothes from skirts to dresses to shirts. Try swapping some clothes with your friends for a week, even if you don’t think you wear the same size. Sometimes the way something looks on them will look different on you, but still looks good. When my sister and I ‘play dress-up' we try on each other’s clothes and see how different they look on each other, and more often then not they still look good. 

Details: Hair, Neck-wear, Earrings

Details are important to accenting an outfit. We talked about accents in this post, but unlike accents-details are smaller ways to style yourself and your outfits. Details can be anything from embroidery on collars, to button shapes, to eyeshadow color. In this case I'm talking about the details that can be created with hair, neck-wear, and earrings.

Hair: Runway shows are wonderful expressions of details in hair and make-up. What I love most about these details is that from the front they can look so much simpler then they actual are. Styling your hair differently: braiding it in a different way or doing a complex bun is a great way to add details to your outfit while not actually adding pieces of clothing or accessories. 

<<[Jason Wu Fashion Week 2013]


Neck-wear: Similar to statement necklaces, neck-wear makes a statement and draws attention to the collar-bone area. Neck-wear does not have to be a necklace; it can be a collar, a brooch, or a scarf. In this case I'm wearing my grandmother's leaf necklace. Unlike most necklaces it's not a chain with a pendent, the necklace is held together entirely by gold leaves, giving it and my neck some character.

Earrings: You cannot see my earrings well, but earrings are a great way to add details to your outfit. A nice pair of statement earrings will have detail on them and in the shape. The earrings I'm wearing here are my favorite pair, which I made from two circular tiles. Each tile is painted half white and another color with a gold line separating the each side of the earring. Earrings bring attention to your head/face and can add fun details that may not, and don't necessarily need to, be in your outfit. 

[Phillip Lim 2013]

Laughing at work and this great leather jacket

It seems that Spring has brought the best leather jackets out. Over here in Connecticut we're loving and enjoying the Spring as this part of our lives comes to a close with graduation approaching. We have fun at work, laughing a lot and talking about clothes among other things. My co-worker Shayoni is wearing this great leather jacket from Venice that her aunt and uncle gave her as a gift. It's a beautiful almond color with an orange undertone. The shape, which you can't really see because she refused to pose willingly for a photo, is feminine adding a softness to the leather exterior. I think this year's Spring jacket is vegan leather.

Why You Don't Need Pumps to Look Good

I think one reason why fashion is full of women wearing 5-inch pumps everyday is because, in addition to making your legs look longer, it's one way to make a "casual" outfit less casual. I agree with this, however I do think there are ways to wear flats and have this same effect. For that reason, I am so glad that oxford flats (also called brogues) are in existence. Oxfords, next to boots, are the other type of shoes that I have and buy. They can have a similar affect to pumps in terms of making an outfit less casual. They do not have the added benefit of making your legs look longer, but a wrap skirt or dark skinny jeans can do that. The blogger Susie Bubble does a great job of making chic outfits with flats look just as good as a chic outfit with pumps. Refer to the photo below for some inspiration: Susie pairs a white wrap skirt with sequined flat oxfords, a printed blazer, and an east Asian styled top. It's non-heels wearing perfection. 
[photo here]


Happy Monday loves!

I was thinking about what to post today; whether to do a post about a blogger or celebrity style or a how to. I decided to share one of the most sacred styling tips that I,  and many fashionistas, live by. This is: DIY. I can't stress this enough. DIY and repurposing clothes is a great way to recycle and reuse our clothes to make fashion more creative and fun. As someone who does not have a sewing machine and doesn't know how to use one even if she had one, DIY to me also includes alterations. I've turned dresses into shirts, pants into shorts (of course), and even skirts into shirts.

If you don't know how or what to DIY go to youtube or google and there are more than enough videos and tutorials. Since summer is approaching, DIY-ing some clothes is a great idea. It's easier to DIY and take away then it is to DIY and add-too, because in the winter you don't want to make things shorter, you want them longer. Anyway, I am the queen of cutting things up.

When I was a child I used to make my sister and mother and other female relatives clothes by cutting up sheets and pillowcases (I'd also make them sandals out of cereal boxes and tape). My sister, Shola, even wore one of the pillowcase outfits I made for her one Halloween when she was a teenager. I was honored. So I've always been into cutting things up and repurposing materials.

The sweater I'm wearing today is an easy DIY, I just cut off the sleeves at an angle. Voila, 80's style sweater. It's a new week, it's Monday, it's Spring, so get creative and DIY some old tee shirts or old pants.

Beyonce: Hipper than the Mister

In the last year or so it seems that Beyonce has followed in her younger sister Solange's footsteps and become a hipster (and having a child), well expressed through her blog and her instagram. I'm not mad at it. Honestly, I like seeing this part of Queen Bey's life. I think she's much more interesting and more personable, as personable as a super famous performance artist can be, through her blog and new found hipsterism--a word I made up. 
Like Rihanna, Bey has become more and more inclined towards fashion, seeing things on the Runway she likes and then nearly grabbing them right off of the runway. This photo is a great example. She's wearing a Celina Fall 2012 sweater. Sweaters, like I said in previous posts, are back in full force--especially pullover crew neck sweaters. Leather detail is also super trendy. This Celine sweater combines the two in a way that is very chic. Beyonce is rocking it with her new hipster style, especially evident in her recent trip to Cuba. Keep #winning Bey!

And The Winner of the Aztec Ring Is...

Gelihsa Arjoon

According to the random number chooser, my subscriber Gelihsa has won, Yay! Stay tuned for more Giveaways and in the meantime keep checking out posts.

19 Hours and a Throwback

Hello Loves,

Happy Saturday! There's less than 19 hours left in the poll, which means 19 hours left until I choose a winner for the aztec shoxie ring giveaway. Follow me via bloglovin or subscribe via e-mail and take a few seconds to do the poll on the homepage. In the meantime enjoy this throwback photo of my that my godmother Kathy, the Jewish godmother whose a photographer, took of me when I was 4 years old-I think. I always loved vests, from a young age. This was one of my favorite vests. My all time favorite was a denim one that I DIY-ed. My parents let me paint on it since it was denim and I wanted to. I tried to wear it everyday. What I'm wearing below is more like a stripped short-sleeve open sweater. Regardless, I was styling.
I was embodying the art behind me. Photo by my amazing godmother Kathy Sloane.

Style Tip of the Week Video

--> Accessories make a simple outfit more interesting. If you really don’t know what to wear or feel like you don’t have any clothes, which we all go through more often than not, pick out some crazy cool or statement accessories and develop a simple outfit around them. Choose statement earrings, a statement necklace, and/or have an arm-party, that always makes an outfit more interesting. I always like to add a hat and/or scarf to draw people’s attention from my pants and shirt to my neck and head. Accessorizing is the way to go, especially in the Spring and Summer when it becomes more and more difficult (and less practical) to layer up outfits. Refer to this post.

All Blue On the Go

All Blue On the GoHere's a Spring version of the Canadian Tuxedo. This great denim kimono styled top compliments a pair of denim skinnies and cognac colored boots well. Add a touch of neon with a belt. This backpack, shades of blue, will brighten up anyone's day and match perfectly with this blue denim ensemble. Happy Friday!

Just Let Leather Live

I really like faux, or now-Vegan, leather jackets. They're not made out of cows and they compliment almost any outfit well. I used to have three brown faux leather jackets that my friends said all looked the same. I know they all didn't look the same, but I ended up giving them all away and haven't worn a faux leather jacket for a while. 

I was gifted this one, an RD Style two-tone Vegan leather moto jacket. I'm loving. It's perfect for the cool Spring days in Connecticut--like today, and for Winter in Cali (moving back to the Bay Area in 46 days) where it doesn't get too cold, just windy. I think it's always good for a lady on the go to have a faux (Vegan) leather moto jacket.

An Outfit That Is Made Equally

I am an adamant believer that we should dress for our body type, and every trend  or style does not look good on every body type. I am still trying to master this idea, some people have mastered it; especially blogger Karla Deras. I do think, however, there are a few outfits or styles that look good on everyone. I happen to believe that wide-leg printed pants are among these few styles. Below is an outfit that I believe looks good on everyone. 

Why do I believe in printed wide-leg pants? Because it doesn't matter whether you have thick legs or thin legs. If you have short legs it makes them look longer, if you have long legs it maintains the length. They are super comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down as you see in the collage. 

Printed Trousers
Peplum blouses and slouched tees look good on practically all body types. Peplum's accentuate the waist creating a feminine silhouette, which we talked about in this post. Slouched tees work whether you have big breasts or small breasts and are airy-flowy. This outfit is perfect for Spring or Summer and will work for any body type. Do I think you should invest in some wide-leg trousers? Yes.

It's important to figure out what looks good on you and what doesn't flatter your body because some of the styles and trends we see on the Runway, in lookbooks, and on mannequins do not work for all of us. I am quite curvy so a lot of styles that look good on tall shapeless models do not look flatter my body type. On the other hand, because I am curvy, peplum styles and high-waist skirts flatter my body type because they accent my small waist (the only small thing on me, ha!).

So try out this outfit and find out what kind of outfits and pieces flatter your body! Happy Thursday. Almost the weekend.

Photos Were Made for Friends

These are two of my best friends: Heran (left) an Cheryl (right). We all met in college and fell in-love with each other, now we are like family. Although we are all similar in some ways (Cheryl and I being extremely similar), we are all very different and that is reflected in our style. Cheryl looks great in an over-sized sweater and skinnies; that is her uniform. I'm always wearing jewelry and sunglasses; and Heran likes colors and comfort. This picture is from last Fall and it not only captures how happy we are when we we're together, but also our different styles (even though you can not fully see what we are wearing). It's important to embrace the differences and similarities between your friends and yourself. When everyone is a trying to be like each other, you loose the joy and dynamism of difference. Fashion is about difference and similarities. Runways shows all have trends and seasons, but it is the way that each designer understands and expresses the trend that makes fashion so fun and multifaceted. It's not about wearing the exact outfit you see on the mannequin, it's about being creative and trying new things, which can be done while still staying true to your style. 

Happy Wednesday Loves,

Accents: Don't Forget Your Waist-Don't Forget Your Hips

[Balenciaga Spring 2013]
Sometimes when we're getting dressed quickly or not thinking about what we're wearing because it's a casual day we forget that there are little things we can do to accent, detail, our outfits.  It doesn't take any extra time really, it's just about the choices we make while putting on clothes. 

You don't always have to be wearing a designer brand, like Balenciaga pictured above, to look chic. In fact, most designer brands RTW (Ready To Wear) collections are simple. What makes them look so chic, or out of the ordinary, is how their styled and the accents. 

Two things to remember when getting dressed to add accents: don't forget your waist and don't forget your hips. Remember several years ago when girls were putting waist-belts on with all their shirts to create, what we now call, the peplum look? The reason why the peplum look is so popular is because it accents your waist and creates a curvy silhouette. No matter how plain or simple the dress or shirt, when you put a waist-belt on it suddenly felt cuter. It's true, it is usually cuter that way.

For example, the maxi dress above; it's very simply cut and one color, however bow around the waist accents the dress giving it and your shape more character. When searching for dresses for spring and summer look for ones that accent the waist, whether its with a belt or a bow, or have a drop waist-which brings me to my next point on accenting the hips. 
 The drop waist dress in back in style. The drop waist dress adds an accent to your hips, without actually bringing attention to your hips. Because the design pattern changes at your hips, as opposed to your waist-like most dresses, your become the focus and your waist (and curves) become less important. 

Another way to accent the hips in a simple outfit is messily tucking in the front of your top, whether it's a blouse, sweater, or tee shirt. Pictured above the two other models both have their top casually and partially tucked into their bottoms. This can be done with any combination of tops and bottoms: sweaters with shorts, tee shirts with pants, blouses with skirts, etc. If you're wearing a cool belt this is a good way for people to get a peak at the cool pattern or fun color of the belt. 

So don't forget about the small things, accents on your waist and hips. These are simple things to do to make-even-the simplest outfit more interesting. It's also good to be aware of hip and waist accents when shopping for the Spring, because this season is all about the subtle accents.

How To: Spring Into Things with Leggings

Not all of us have gone, or will get to go, Spring shopping this month. So lets talk about how to spring into things with what we have in our closets. The first thing most of us have is a pair of black leggings. We usually wear leggings when we're running errands, or when we don't know what else to wear. Here's how we can create an outfit with leggings that is Spring-esq and makes leggings more than just casual wear. 

Complement your black leggings with a white tunic. Add a denim vest or jacket, in-case there's a breeze, and the coral beanie is optional. It's always nice to add some leopard with these leopard slip-ons. A bucket bag is great for a day relaxing in the sun at the park or running errands around town. This outfit can be achieved in a variety of ways: you can switch out the tunic for a short dress, the beanie for a straw hat, and you don't even need the beanie; throw on some sandals if the weather permits and you're set!
Spring Into Things

Do You Want a Ring? No, not on the phone...

A ring for your finger! I'm giving away this cool statement Aztec ring from Shoxie to one lucky lady who follows this blog! Just follow the blog by e-mail or via bloglovin and do the poll on the home page-, then you are eligible to get this ring! Anyone, anywhere in the world is eligible. If you want this cool ring, it can be yours :)

What I Wore on the First Day of Spring

I'm counting today as the first day of Spring because it is supposed to be 67 degrees (15 C) and sunny. I'm excited to not have to wear more than one layer and enjoy the sun. Here's what I'm wearing on this lovely Monday. It's 7:30am and its not freezing outside. 

I'm wearing wide-leg printed trousers, that were made for me in Ghana 5 years ago. I'd never wear them in high school because they weren't "cool", but now I love them and they are just the right style for this Spring. It's a good thing I did not give them away. I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt that was my fathers, a military cap, and of course-jewelry. Also wearing flip-flops and the straps are covered in African fabric, my godmother made them for me.

This outfit is good for a cool Spring day because I'm still warm enough to not be bothered by the cool breeze, but not wearing too many layers that will make me hot. It's always good to mix and match clothes from different season during the transitional seasons. Happy Monday loves! I have a feeling this week is going to be good.

Spring Things for Monday

These are spring "essentials;" I put essentials in quotes because I don't think they are all necessary. Spring is good for creativity and trying to re-purpose (or refashion) new things we already have in our closet. Trends this season include: the asymmetrical wrap and tulip mini skirts, sneakers, bold colors, whites, printed wide-leg trousers, and as of course-maxi anything (dress or skirt). [Please do the short poll on the home page so I can make this blog better for all of us]Spring Essentials

Miss Selfridge dress / Zara sweater / Dolce & Gabbana silk pants / TIBI / 10 Crosby Derek Lam / Proenza Schouler mini skirt / Pastry trainers, $90

Purple Tights, Do it Right

Hello again,

On this lovely Saturday I'm off to a roundtable discussion about the scholar/poet Aime Cesaire from Martinique. This is apart of a larger conference held at my university about him. I'm wearing my beret in honor of all the French scholars from the Caribbean, Africa, and France ;)
 Enjoy your day!

Runaway Baby!

This is one of my favorite songs by Bruno Mars. It never gets old for me. I love how the styling in this video is super casual and looks like just another day in the life of Bruno Mars. The plaid shirts, tee shirts, and Monkey masks with sunglasses are super fun. Happy Saturday Loves!

Style Tip of the Week Video


Wear a baseball cap! If you don’t have one borrow one of your brother’s or father’s or one of your friend's. Baseball caps are back in and they are everywhere: on the runway, on the street. Wearing a baseball cap with a feminine outfit like a dress or a tomboy outfit like boyfriend jeans and tee, gives any outfit a cool twist. 


Beyonce Was Right!

Beyonce was right, not about marriage, but about accessorizing: If you like it then you should put a ring on it! If you like what you're wearing or you're feeling good then you should put a ring, bracelets, a necklace, and earrings on to compliment the outfit. I am all about accessorizing, as you can see with the photos of some of my accessories.

I have a special affinity for African jewelry, which my other god mother (the Ivorian one) makes, and in general jewelry from countries other than the United States. I wear bracelets everyday and usually they are a East or West African style/design. I also love rings, of all kinds. A few of my rings were my grandmother's rings. I love vintage and thrift, especially vintage jewelry from my grandmother and other family members.

Even if you have a plain outfit, add some accessories to make it more interesting. Arm parties are always fun, necklace layering, and statement earrings. I do not have a picture of my earring collection, however it is quite extensive and many of my earrings are African as well. Adding a pair of sunnies and a scarf always makes an outfit look more interesting. Just make sure not to over do it with accessories, but if you do-make sure it looks really good.

How To: Long Cardigan-From Day to Night

Most ladies have a long plain cardigan in our closet. It may be beige, gray, or navy blue. How do we wear it to make it a bit fun, more than the generic tee shirt and jeans. Here's how:

Now that it's becoming spring the weather is warming up, but it can still be too cool to wear a dress without a sweater. This is the time to wear that long cardigan you have hanging in your closet that you usually only wear around the house or with leggings and a tee shirt. Wear it over a casual dress with some sneakers, converse are always fun. To dress it up for night, or to make it less casual, throw on some tall black boots. The blue scarf adds a touch of bold color to complement the colorful sunnies. Below is how Lindsey Lohan does this look:  

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