Three Ways: One Shirt

I'm all about recycling what's in our closet, especially when we can't find anything to wear. This allows us to be creative, as well as not have to worry about the stress around going shopping. Shopping stresses me out and I don't think I'm unique in that feeling. What happens when we have a busy week and can't spend a lot of time choosing outfits? Wear the same shirt three times in the week. I know, that sounds crazy! Plus we all have this subconscious, or conscious, fear of being seen in the same outfit more than once. How do we overcome this? Wear the same shirt in three different ways so that it is not an outfit repeat, even if we are wearing the same shirt three times. Here's how:

1) Wear it like you would normally wear it. It's a basic shirt: wear it with a pair of dark denim skinnies and slip-ons. These green & nude slip-ons contrast the navy & white striped shirt well. A moto jacket and nude bag to add a chic touch. Don't forget your neon sunnies.

2) Layer it. The best way to make use of clothes over and over again is to layer them. Wear this navy & white shirt over the plaid button-up with the vest on top as optional outwear. This topshop blue mini skirt gives this out fit a feminine touch despite its tomboy nature. Let your feet sparkle in these glittery oxfords from target.

3) Tie it around your waist. Don't wear this shirt as a shirt at all. Tie it around your waist with these cute flowery trousers on the bottom and this yellow sweatshirt on the top. Not only does this outfit mix prints, it also incorporates a bold color. Keep the accessories simple with a silver wishbone necklace.


  1. Great ideas! I love the 2nd outfit!
    - Charlotte

    1. Yeah, I'm really into layered looks as well Charlotte. They're fun and chic.