A Statement from the Manreppeller

Leandra Medine, the manreppeller, is by far-one of my favorite bloggers. She is fun, confident, makes a statement, and is all about dressing to make yourself happy regardless of a man. If you find one who loves you regardless of how you dress, like she has, then it's that much better. Her style is quirky and fun.

This photo of her I particularly like because of the statement on the shirt, which I don't think is untrue. It's not completely true, but it has some truth to it. And again, white tee shirts rock so go buy some, steal some from your brother or boyfriend, make it happen.

To get this look: throw on a couple of statement necklaces over a white tee-shirt, find some wide-leg fiery red pants, and add some funky shades. Refer to the collage below. Happy Saturday loves!

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