It's Okay to Be Soft... sometimes

Fashion is extremely versatile and flexible, however certain themes stand out by making an impact on accessible trends more so than others. With the increasing trend of leather (or vegan leather), baseball caps, and studs (on boots, shirts, pants, etc.), there seems to be a tendency towards toughness. I do think this a subtle tendency, though I appreciate the spring trends that are encouraging floral patterns, lots of whites and pastels, as well as feminine silhouettes-even if they are in the form of suits. I don't think there are anything wrong with tough looks, and I'm not suggesting that they are not feminine-because they can be very much so. I'm just saying that we should take advantage of all the trends that fashion has to offer. In between all of the leather and studs we can try to be soft. Next week, my challenge for myself is softness-inside and out. Below are a couple photos from Eel & Ermine's Spring Lookbook (from Refinery29). I love the soft feminine outfits and the model's hair pushed back.

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