5 Things I think Every Lady Needs in Her Closet

A lot of bloggers and fashionistas are asked what they think are closet essentials for every young lady. Many of them say similar things: a denim shirt, a good pair of black pumps. I agree with them, but I do think that this question changes depending on our age, our profession, and our lifestyle. This is my version of five things I think that every woman should have in her closet; especially a young woman who doesn't wear heels everyday.
1) Plain white tee-shirt. This is something bloggers from Manrepeller to Karla's Closet have said, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I wasn't into white tee shirts until this year when I started stealing and wearing my brother's white tees that he'd leave at home. They are super comfortable and somehow subtly stylish. I bought my own and now their perfect to wear when you don't know what to wear. For some reason they just make us look put together and simply chic at the same time.

2) Comfortable cute ankle boots. I love boots, especially ankle boots. Most of my shoes are either boots, if not they're oxfords. I really like low-heel brown ankle boots- in a variety of styles. For a lady who doesn't wear heels everyday, a cute ankle boot (or bootie) with a max of a 3-inch heel that's comfortable to walk in, is both functional and gives a little height to us shorties.

3) Oversized sweater. I think every gal should have an oversized sweater she really loves that she can wear when she's not feeling too hott and wants to be comfortable, warm, and cute. Oversized sweaters are good under a wool coat for winter, and over a tee-shirt or button-up in the fall. For those transitioning seasons you can even wear an over-sized sweater with a skirt or shorts. It's versatile and compliments a slim silhouette on the bottom. If you have one, keep and love it-if not-get one.

4) Black denim skinnies. As you've seen in two of my posts already I really love black denim skinnies. Black, like white, has a way of always producing a classic look-whether it's an all black ensemble or a pair of black denim skinnies with a white tee and ankle boots (see how these previous things are already creating outfits when put together ;). Get a good pair of black denim skinnies and wear them when you want a casual crisp look. 

And last, but definitely  not least.... [drumroll please??]

5) A-line pencil skirt. Every lady needs a pencil skirt, but why specifically a-line? A-line just means that it is cut in a way that is not tighter at the hem line like many pencil skirts. An a-line pencil skirt with a slit can be dressed up or worn casually with a tee shirt and ankle boots or an oversized sweater and oxfords. It's easier to walk in when the bottom of the skirt is not squeezing your knees together. Pencil skirts provide a feminine silhouette, thanks to Christian Dior's first collection in 1947 featuring a "wasp" waist, the hour-glass silhouette. Try a bold color like red or turquoise. One of my favorite skirts is a vintage turquoise a-line pencil skirt I found on a whim while walking to get tea in Oakland, California.

These are my Five Must-Have's. Almost any combination of four or three of these pieces creates an effortless chic, classic outfit. Whether it breeds a vintage-classic feel like the pencil skirt and an oversized sweater would; or a classic-spring look, which the black denim skinnies and white tee would produce, they complement each other and can be worn in a variety of ways. Like I've mentioned before, I think eco-friendly fashion and recycling our closets are key for ladies who are on the go and don't always have the time or money to be constantly shopping. These five must-haves allow us to mix it up while being comfortable at the same time. Let me know if you agree!

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  1. Where to get these thing: Black Denim Skinnies>> topshop (online) or H&M store; a-line pencil skirt>> polyvore; white tees>> Hanes or Morona (online or in a target); ankle boots>> dsw (online or in a store), oversized sweater>> zara online or polyvore