Accents: Don't Forget Your Waist-Don't Forget Your Hips

[Balenciaga Spring 2013]
Sometimes when we're getting dressed quickly or not thinking about what we're wearing because it's a casual day we forget that there are little things we can do to accent, detail, our outfits.  It doesn't take any extra time really, it's just about the choices we make while putting on clothes. 

You don't always have to be wearing a designer brand, like Balenciaga pictured above, to look chic. In fact, most designer brands RTW (Ready To Wear) collections are simple. What makes them look so chic, or out of the ordinary, is how their styled and the accents. 

Two things to remember when getting dressed to add accents: don't forget your waist and don't forget your hips. Remember several years ago when girls were putting waist-belts on with all their shirts to create, what we now call, the peplum look? The reason why the peplum look is so popular is because it accents your waist and creates a curvy silhouette. No matter how plain or simple the dress or shirt, when you put a waist-belt on it suddenly felt cuter. It's true, it is usually cuter that way.

For example, the maxi dress above; it's very simply cut and one color, however bow around the waist accents the dress giving it and your shape more character. When searching for dresses for spring and summer look for ones that accent the waist, whether its with a belt or a bow, or have a drop waist-which brings me to my next point on accenting the hips. 
 The drop waist dress in back in style. The drop waist dress adds an accent to your hips, without actually bringing attention to your hips. Because the design pattern changes at your hips, as opposed to your waist-like most dresses, your become the focus and your waist (and curves) become less important. 

Another way to accent the hips in a simple outfit is messily tucking in the front of your top, whether it's a blouse, sweater, or tee shirt. Pictured above the two other models both have their top casually and partially tucked into their bottoms. This can be done with any combination of tops and bottoms: sweaters with shorts, tee shirts with pants, blouses with skirts, etc. If you're wearing a cool belt this is a good way for people to get a peak at the cool pattern or fun color of the belt. 

So don't forget about the small things, accents on your waist and hips. These are simple things to do to make-even-the simplest outfit more interesting. It's also good to be aware of hip and waist accents when shopping for the Spring, because this season is all about the subtle accents.

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