How To: Long Cardigan-From Day to Night

Most ladies have a long plain cardigan in our closet. It may be beige, gray, or navy blue. How do we wear it to make it a bit fun, more than the generic tee shirt and jeans. Here's how:

Now that it's becoming spring the weather is warming up, but it can still be too cool to wear a dress without a sweater. This is the time to wear that long cardigan you have hanging in your closet that you usually only wear around the house or with leggings and a tee shirt. Wear it over a casual dress with some sneakers, converse are always fun. To dress it up for night, or to make it less casual, throw on some tall black boots. The blue scarf adds a touch of bold color to complement the colorful sunnies. Below is how Lindsey Lohan does this look:  

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