keep it simple with a collar

I love the sweater-over-collared shirt look. Actually, I'm into any shirt over a collared shirt look. I don't do this quite as often as some, but when I do-I like it. 

Here I have on a H&M knit over a NY & Co collared shirt with dark denim skinnies. I wore Nine West tall shaft boots (not in the picture).

As per usual I had an 'arm-party' (manrepeller coined term) going on. The gold chain I'm wearing was my grandmother's, and my earrings-like many of my favorite earrings-are handmade by my Ivorian god mother (covered in West African print cloth).

Super comfy look; this was after my best friends and I had dinner under my best friend's bed, which has been turned into the cave of peace and laughter [lol-but really].

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