What I Wore on the First Day of Spring

I'm counting today as the first day of Spring because it is supposed to be 67 degrees (15 C) and sunny. I'm excited to not have to wear more than one layer and enjoy the sun. Here's what I'm wearing on this lovely Monday. It's 7:30am and its not freezing outside. 

I'm wearing wide-leg printed trousers, that were made for me in Ghana 5 years ago. I'd never wear them in high school because they weren't "cool", but now I love them and they are just the right style for this Spring. It's a good thing I did not give them away. I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt that was my fathers, a military cap, and of course-jewelry. Also wearing flip-flops and the straps are covered in African fabric, my godmother made them for me.

This outfit is good for a cool Spring day because I'm still warm enough to not be bothered by the cool breeze, but not wearing too many layers that will make me hot. It's always good to mix and match clothes from different season during the transitional seasons. Happy Monday loves! I have a feeling this week is going to be good.


  1. I love those pants!!!!! I'm obsessed with wide-leg pants. So airy and free and I think they're sooo cool! ;)

  2. Thanks Jody, I think they're great too! Super comfortable and always a fun pattern to make the day more interesting.