Tied Up, Button-Up, Doillied-Up



Today I stayed with the theme of the staple button-up shirts that I posted about early, and decided to wear a button-up with a tie. Since I am supposed to look professional when I go into the prison, I added a tie to offset the casualness of the jeans I wore. I will wear this outfit all day since it is a busy day and it's not necessary to change. The jeans enable the outfit to be versatile.

I also wore doily socks. You know... those socks with the ruffles that we used to wear when we dressed up for church. I love those socks, they're fun. Since socks with footwear is back in style I decided to add some doily socks for some fun and a feminine touch since my outfit was quite masculine. [I also wore boyfriend jeans not pictured] Happy Tuesday!

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