Sweaters are Back! Not like Bill Cosby Though

Try out some variation of this outfit, it's perfect for transitioning seasons!
^^This is Givenchy Spring 2013 Runway

Sweaters have come back into high fashion, street fashion, everywhere! You have a graphic sweater? Wear it! Givenchy is just one of the many ways it is clear that sweaters, for women, have made a come back. Bloggers from stylepantry to Monroe have been rocking the Biggie sweater; and rocking it well. Kenzo (http://styledeityinathens.blogspot.com/2012/11/kenzo-sweatshirts.html)and other designer brands who are notorious for making amazing sweaters have bloggers and celebrities wearing their sweaters all over the place. Moral of the story, sweaters are back and I'm excited.

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