I don't usually talk about men's fashion but...

Will Smith and fashion in the 90's in general was always impressive and colorful. I still love the fashion from the 90's. Many of the spring trends we see on the runway now and in street style--such as stripes, black and white (i.e. checker board), shirt tied around waist, colorful sneakers, beanies etc. are 90's styles and trends. The Fresh Prince of BelAir and the Cosby Show, especially Denise Huxtable, were some of the most stylish 90's shows. I also enjoy Will Smith's rapping and this song is one of my favorites in terms of content for fashion do's and don'ts. It's fun!

One of my favorite rebirth 90's trends is the shirt-tied-around-waist & beanies. This is a selfie from my instagram of this rebirthed trend. I love it. 

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