Hooray for Wednesdays: Pink this Week!

It seems like I've been wearing one piece of pink or pink-ish clothing everyday this week. When I decided to evoke softness in my outfits this week I didn't mean the stereotypical version of girly-softness, which means pink and flowers. I don't mind pink or flowers and I guess sub-consciously softness to me means pink. Anywho, happy Wednesday! Went to the prison this morning and below is what I wore. Afterwards I just changed from the black pants I'm wearing below to jeans.

This tee-shirt I'm wearing over the pink collard top (from H&M) is one of my favorite shirts. I have two god mothers, both of which are named Kathy, except one is Ivorian (from Cote D'Ivorie) and the other is Jewish. My Ivorian god mother, Kathy, made this tee shirt for me. I love it. I decided to throw it over this very pink H&m top to give the H&M top some shape and give the African-print tee shirt some color. I wore it with fitted black professional pants and boots-of course.

I like the idea of shirts--whether long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or a sweater--over a collard shirt. I think it works with almost any combination of pieces. Enjoy!


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